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Soma word is used in many cultures throughout history to describe different things, like fantasy goddess of Hindu priests drink the government gives drugs futuristic romance fiction. Western medicine today, it is used to describe the pain killing prescription drugs. This muscle relaxation works by blocking pain neurons in the brain before, and it is very effective in treating musculo skeletal injuries and seizures. When using Order Soma cod specific health risks, doctors prescribe medicines licensed in the United States every day thousands of patients who could benefit from this very process of healing. These reasons are concerned about side effects, efforts to cure diseases without medicines their doctors' recommendations. Patients typically take the pain and Order Soma cod muscle pain caused by inflammation. Order Soma cod is a popular choice because it had proved effective. Unless taken under the guidance and the wrong dose, Soma, Drugstore sold online, is pretty safe. Only 30 percent of the study sought to discuss possible side effects or risks with your doctor. On the other hand, the doctors surveyed about 1 / 4 reported difficult to inform patients about the pros and cons of drugs against the disease. Most of them recognized the lack of time prevented the ability to advise patients. Few doctors expressed concern about the nonprescription pain relievers. These results were researchers to inform you that doctors need more time to give patients information about their advantages and disadvantages of painkillers. It is not just to avoid confusion, but the pernicious influences that too.


Who are the founders?

Soma Management was founded in August of 2001 by EC and Karen Morgan, a husband and wife team. EC saw the world of media and entertainment coming together, digital convergence. He discovered early on that content was king but distribution was the emperor. He quickly began to build his network. In 2001 Karen saw a void in the marketplace for positive media for girls. She had a passion to produce and create inspirational, fashionable, lifestyle media that would show girls how to be young, beautiful, healthy and happy. Their vision created Soma Management and Soma Girls TV the brand and multi media franchise.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the number one content provider for positive media reaching girls 12 - 34 years old. As well as provide advertisers with premium exclusive content and next generation advertising models as convergence and multi-platform opportunities achieve critical mass.

What does Soma Mean?

The name soma has many meanings it comes from the Greek word "Body" meaning the whole person. In myth it is the name of a moon god known to have an elixer that provides eternal youth. When you have Soma you see the body mind and soul as one. In Aldus Huxley's book "A Brave New World" it is a pill that makes people happy.


"Beauty is an Evolution"

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